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This is what Total Transformation Group is all about.

Personal Achievement Coaching

Real professionals know the importance of having a coach. Celine Dion, Tiger Woods, and Tom Brady all have coaches. If you are striving to reach the peak of performance in your industry, this could be the piece you’ve been missing.

Professional / Personal Development Seminars

TTG provides cutting edge personal and professional development seminars ranging from Half Day to Three Day Sessions. Transform your team, staff, or organization’s results with sales training, marketing strategy, imaging training and more.

Sales and Professional Image Training

Did you know that most sales people have never received any real sales training? Did you know that most sales people have never read a book on sales? A professionally trained salesperson not only provides more goods and services, but they make your company look good. You can’t afford an untrained staff.

Public Speaking Training for Professionals

Do you have the skills necessary to deliver a message in a meaningful, impactful way? Can you speak in front of large or small audiences with confidence and authority? Communication is the highest paid skill in the world. No matter your skill level, we will make you better.

Find out what Total Transformation Group can do for you, for your company, or for your team or organization.

Meet the Founder

Former US Navy Fighter Pilot, TopGun Adversary, and Best Selling Published Author, Brian D McIntosh

Brian Douglas McIntosh began his career at 15 years old in Radio Broadcasting. After college, Brian joined the armed services and began flying the S-3B Viking aircraft for the United States Navy. He was chosen for the pilot transition program and became an F/A-18 Fighter Pilot in 2003. Brian was selected for the Adversary program, and graduated as an Adversary from the very prestigious and exclusive TopGun Fighter Weapons School. For 10 years during his Navy career, Brian also built international sales team in the thousands for various network marketing companies. Since retiring from the Navy, Brian has published his best selling book, Breaking the No Barrier, and has given speeches and provided training all over the world. Total Transformation Group is Brian's commitment to helping other achieve the highest degrees of success in their personal and professional lives through Becoming More, and living life on purpose.


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