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Personal Achievement Coaching

Real professionals know the importance of having a coach. Celine Dion, Tiger Woods, and Tom Brady all have coaches. If you are striving to reach the peak of performance in your industry, this could be the piece you’ve been missing.

Professional / Personal Development Seminars

TTG provides cutting edge personal and professional development seminars ranging from Half Day to Three Day Sessions. Transform your team, staff, or organization’s results with sales training, marketing strategy, imaging training and more.

Sales and Professional Image Training

Did you know that most sales people have never received any real sales training? Did you know that most sales people have never read a book on sales? A professionally trained salesperson not only provides more goods and services, but they make your company look good. You can’t afford an untrained staff.

Public Speaking Training for Professionals

Do you have the skills necessary to deliver a message in a meaningful, impactful way? Can you speak in front of large or small audiences with confidence and authority? Communication is the highest paid skill in the world. No matter your skill level, we will make you better.

Find out what Total Transformation Group can do for you, for your company, or for your team or organization.

Meet the Founder

US Navy Fighter Pilot - TopGun Adversary - Author - Speaker - Coach - Mentor

Brian Douglas McIntosh was born in Mobile, Alabama. The son of a Border Patrol Agent, Brian lived in just about every major Texas border town in the 1980’s before he graduated from Del Rio High School. After High School, Brian attended a small state University in the town of San Angelo. He graduated from Angelo State University with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and 5 years experience working full time as a radio broadcaster. After graduation, Brian joined the Navy and attended flight school in Pensacola Florida. He was designated a Naval Flight Officer in 1998. In 1999, Brian met his wife Sara in San Diego while attending training there. Brian completed his first combat tour of duty in 2003, flying in the S-3B Viking sub-hunter aircraft. He also was selected 1 of 11 NFOs that year to transition to pilot training. In 2004 Brian finished advanced jet fighter flight training and was selected to fly the F/A-18 Hornet aircraft. The family moved to Virginia Beach in 2005, and would live there for the next 7 years. During that time, Brian completed 2 tours of duty overseas in the Hornet, and expanded his international marketing business. He attended TopGun in Fallon Nevada, and graduated as an Adversary Instructor in 2010. In 2012, Brian received orders to San Diego, California. Today, Brian and Sara, Hailey and Fallon, and their dachshund Shelby, are living in San Diego. Brian’s career has fully transitioned into writing, speaking, coaching, and training. He’s doing what he really loves, leveraging his vast experience in leadership and achievement from flying, coupled with his communication skills, to share game changing ideas with a vast audience from all over the world. Brian enjoys working out, playing golf, working on his home, and making trips with his family to their family's home in Baja California, Mexico for fishing and relaxing. More than anything, Brian is passionate about success… everyone’s success. He believes in the abundance of life, and the potential of each and every person to realize it. Brian is a believer, and a dreamer, a doer, and finds his greatest joy in sharing this message with others. Brian believes that every one of us was born with unique talents, skills, and abilities that no one else has. Like fingerprints, we are all special and destined for greatness. He believes that with the right perspective, and the right attitude, anything is possible. Brian’s message is reaching people all over the world, and he has only just begun changing lives.


Proven. Tested. Results Delivered.

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